Ladybird hugs x2 designs

Ladybird hugs x2 designs


Ladybird gnome hugs great for cushions and bags

2 designs , 3 sizes

love hugs and ladybugs 13"x8.45"   11.2""x7.6""    9.6"x6.5"

Ladybug hugs 13"x8.4"   11.5"x7.4"   9.7"x7.49"

Available formats pes,pec,dst,hus,vp3,vip,exp,xxx  jef available in 2 sizes 11.2"x7.6"  and 9.7"x7,4"

  • dos and don'ts

    Please do not sell share or copy the designs

    you may sell items with the design applied

    Due to the product being a digital download no refunds will be given at any time